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The only scrum master

normally you go to a conference, spend 2 days and pay a lot of money to see a guy like Ken Schwaber. Luky guys who took the chance and meet him yesterday in a local bar in Kreuzberg. Here is my summary of the great meeting yesterday

Scrum takes a “normal” project, cuts it into small pieces of 1-4 week iterations. These smaller iterations still work as a project in itself. Just small, easier to manage, faster to learn from your problems and better predictable.

What is scrum more …

  • A collection of best practices (created for software developing)
  • Scrum ist “Gedränge” wörtlich übersetzt
  • XP are a set of software development technics which fit perfect into the scrum process
  • was created by Ken Schwaber in the beginning of the 90ths, and more here http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum

What does scrum, if you get infected

  • It shows the problems, gaps, problems you have very fast. Oh my good. So it doesn’t solve all my problems? No.
  • It gives back the process control to the people who own it, who are actually doing it.
  • It values people as human beings, not resources. It values human as trust-able, intelligent human beings. Oh my god.
  • It is hard work

It was great source of infection yesterday, thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Ruby Rock Star Legend

You become a legend when you are dead, this guy is not dead, but sort of dead as a ruby developer. You know who i am talking about? Zed Shaw. Yes! I sort of really love to watch his presentations, he is funny, controversial and smart.

The best is to see them yourself. on his video page

My favorite so far is his rant on enterprise developers in his talk about ACL

Zed Shaw - The ACL is Dead from CUSEC on Vimeo.


a upgraded today this blog to the newest version of mephisto via git. It works quit well, i just need to add 2 custom capistrano tasks to get it working:

namespace :app do
  desc "Copy the correct config files to config/" 
  task :copy_config_files, :roles => [:app, :db, :web] do
    invoke_command "cp -a #{deploy_to}/config/* #{release_path}/config/", :via => run_method
after 'deploy:update_code', 'app:copy_config_files'

i changed the standard task to copy directories as well, which is need for the initializer/session_store.rb …

namespace :app do
  desc "Copy the correct config files to config/" 
  task :copy_mephisto_files, :roles => [:app, :db, :web] do
    invoke_command "cp -a #{deploy_to}/shared/mephisto_files/* #{release_path}/", :via => run_method
after 'deploy:update_code', 'app:copy_mephisto_files'

this one it copies the themes directory and the uploaded assets ..

that was all…

talking ruby on berlin s-bahn

an new ruby and specially rails blog from berlin. After the first big rush and my first deeper dives into ruby and ruby on rails i want to start to share my experience and ideas about my daily work with it. I love writting code in ruby, i learned and enjoyed it through a very agile and smart community around it. I start my nerd day by watching railscasts or some peepcode on my way to work, i learned a lot about ruby recently by reading the great standard “learning ruby” by matz and ? It is just so good to have this great “teacher” and having the change learning with them.

In this spirit i want to share my ideas and lessons learned and hopefully by sharing this my mind clears up.